2.6. Page layout

The dynamic layout engine of Sitecore is one of most significant features of the system. When designing the user experience or information architecture of a Sitecore powered website, this should be kept in mind.

Many of the unique tools and features in the Sitecore platform, such as the Experience Editor with built in personalization and MV testing capabilities, rely on the dynamic layout engine and the definition of Layouts, Renderings and Placeholders.

The balance between flexibility – allowing the editors to dynamically construct the pages by placing feature renderings in placeholders – and consistency – having a coherent visual design and user experience across pages – needs to be found in all implementations. Swing too far in one direction and the user experience may be hurt, swing too far in the other direction and the business might end up with a rigid and inflexible solution that frustrates users, or lessens the return of investment by not supporting the full capabilities of the Sitecore platform.