2.4.3. Deploying itemsΒΆ

Even though the details of integrating and deploying your implementation can be very specific to the business requirements, there are general recommendations to integrating and deploying your items through development to production environments (see Deployment).

Just as it is recommended to version and manage items and business logic together in your development process, it is also highly recommended to deploy business logic and items together in your deployment process.

Given the split between Definition and Content Items, the deployment process can continuously deploy all Definition Items as part of a new version of your implementation. Having this strict approach will help assure that the ownership of Definition Items lies in the development process and that no occasional changes are made in production or test environments.

Note that the modularity of Helix is in no way meant as a general modular approach to deploying and running Sitecore in production. Even if you version and maintain modules separately in the development process, your entire implementation should be integrated and deployed in a single versioned process (See Build and integration).