2.13.3. CSS and Theming

The visual design – CSS and script – can be implemented based on the mark-up frameworks and strategy – either in the foundation module as part of a general theming approach or individually in the project layer modules. This allows more individual design per tenant.

Habitat Example

The theming in the Habitat example site is primarily based on Bootstrap. The module Foundation/Theming implements the base CSS theme based on an Atomic Design approach. It references no feature specific mark-up, but clearly follows the mark-up defined in the frameworks.


Figure: Atomic Design Sass implementation in Habitat

The Helix approach will often require a close collaboration between front-end development and Sitecore/.NET development as it requires a common understanding of the architecture and reasoning behind it. A good relationship and understanding between the different competencies in the team is always a thing to strive for.

Avoid at all cost outputting HTML mark-up in code or business logic – try as much as possible to stick to a single technology – for example razor views – for mark-up, as this will facilitate management and increase flexibility immensely.