3.3.2. Unit testsΒΆ

There are a fair number of unit testing approaches and frameworks for .NET and Sitecore, but as with other technologies and methodologies, Helix does not dictate which to choose. We do emphasise the value of adding unit tests to your business logic, and highly encourage the general practice.

On disk, unit test projects should be contained in the /tests folder below the module folder. In Visual Studio the unit test project should be in the same Visual Studio solution as the corresponding module projects and contained with the module solution folder.

Sitecore Helix Examples


Figure: Unit Test Project in Visual Studio

Unit Tests in Helix Examples are developed as Arrange-Act-Assert and use the following modules:

  • xUnit framework as the main unit testing framework
  • Moq for mocking objects
  • FakeDb for faking Sitecore objects and services